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Blessings Magazine Blessings shares timely, inspiring stories of Operation Blessing’s humanitarian efforts to provide a hope and a future for people in the United States and around the globe.
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Join Club Bless Looking for a trustworthy and immediate way to share God’s blessings? Join Club Bless and help bring food, medicine or other relief with your monthly gift!
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View our Giving Catalog Some of the best gifts don’t come wrapped and tied with a bow. Browse the OBI Giving Catalog to give a gift that changes lives—one for poor families, for hungry children, for the desperate people of the world.
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Join the fight against Ebola Operation Blessing is on the ground in Liberia fighting Ebola on the front lines—using chlorine generators to produce a powerful disinfectant and delivering food to families under quarantine.
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OBI Serves First Responders OBI Serves First Responders after Hospital Explosion
Operation Blessing was on site soon after a gas explosion occurred at a Mexico City…
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Haiti Recovery: Five Years Later Haiti Recovery: Five Years Later
Through the help of generous partners, Operation Blessing has been able to bring hope to Haiti…
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Football and Food for Hungry Families Football and Food for Hungry Families
OB teamed up with the Washington Redskins to bring hope to over 3,000 hungry families…
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A New Beginning for Luz A New Beginning for Luz
Luz, a single mother of four was raising her kids in an unsafe home in a small village in Peru….
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Water for Honduran Families Water for Honduran Families
The gift of H2O water backpacks is aiding families in an impoverished community in Honduras…
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Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 9.25.22 AM

At six years old, Dahlila loves going to school, but hunger kept her from concentrating on her classes.Ever since her father lost his job, she and ...

Isabella & The Family Farm

Isabella cares for a lot of kids. She has 4 of her own and when her mother passed away 2 years ago she also took in her younger brothers and sister...

Erbil: In the Shadow of Conflict

Millions of people have been forced from their homes by violence in Iraq. Many families are now living in tenets or modified recreational centers. ...

A Christmas Thank You From Operation Blessing

We here at Operation Blessing want to thank you for making this year a huge success. This Christmas you can look back and know that countless lives...

After The Volcano Nearly Destroyed It, A Farming Village Is Back On Its Feet

In Guatemala the Volcan’ De Fuego erupted and obliterated thousands of acres of farmland in a 10 mile radius. See how Operation Blessing revitalize...

1320-insetBless the Poor

“You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy…” Isaiah 25:4

Your support means so much to families living in poverty and despair. Whether it’s helping desperate parents be able to feed their hungry children, bringing emergency relief to families devastated by disaster or providing medical care and clean water to communities facing disease and drought, your gift can have a significant impact in the lives of those who urgently need it.

Will you help rescue even more vulnerable people from the grip of poverty with your gift of $25 or more today?

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  • Operation Blessing helps a hardworking single father provide for his sons and give them the opportunity for a better future.A father’s dream for his sons

    IQUITOS, Peru – As a single father, Elvis would work every day in sometimes harsh conditions to provide for his two growing boys. “I don’t…

  • A loving grandmother named Mama Rosa takes in her orphaned grandchildren, but struggles to provide until she receives a special blessingHelp for Mama Rosa

    IQUITOS, Peru – When he was just five years old, Alex lost his mother. Soon after, his father left their community in search of work…

  • Operation Blessing teams are your boots on the ground in the war on sufferingFighting the war on suffering

    When watching the evening news we often hear the term “boots on the ground,” usually in reference to courageous American troops sent to fight the…

  • Operation Blessing brings help and hope to a struggling Holocaust survivor in IsraelSophia: A Holocaust survivor

    ISRAEL – Sophia was just a little girl of three in Ukraine when the war began—to this day remembers the fear her family endured when…

  • A little girl finds justice with the help of her grandfather and Operation Blessing partnersKanya’s courage

    PHNOM PENH, Cambodia – An only child raised by her grandfather, 7-year-old Kanya* found a sister in neighborhood friend Chenda*. The girls, who were both…

  • Thanks to Operation Blessing partners, Hukki’s village now has a clean water well.Helping Hukki

    HAMEERPURA, India – In her remote village in India, Hukki begins her day while it is still dark. She rises early to prepare a meal…

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